General SUP FAQS

Can the SUP be dragged on the ground?

No, dragging it on the ground may puncture the SUP and will result in deflation or leaking.

How can I find a hole in my SUP?

Holes can be found by using a spray bottle and soapy solution, spray all over the boat and watch the bubbles that will form if where the hole is. Please first check the surface around the screw valve and welding seam carefully. If the valve is leaking, you can deflate the SUP and screw the valve tightly.

How can I repair a small holes?

Small holes can be repaired very quickly by using either the repair kit you received with your boat or by using Air Seal (U051/AS1). Both only take a few minutes to dry completely

Where can I purchase Air Seal (U051/AS1)?

This can be purchased online from most retailers who specialise in SUPs and boats

What type of cleaning products can I use to clean my SUP?

Your SUP can be cleaned with any mild household cleaner such as diluted washing up liquid.

What can I use to dry my SUP?

Any house-hold cloths or towels can be used.

How should I store my SUP when it is not in use?

The SUPs are easily stored away, please ensure this is thoroughly clean and dry before storing away. We would suggest you roll up the deflated SUP and store this in a canvas bag.

Can I go into deep water alone?

This is not recommended however if you do always tell your sail routes and time schedule to somebody.

I am an experienced boarder, can I discard the safety rope?

No it is necessary to tie the ropes to your leg for your safety

How can I improve my board skills?

You can check your local area for information and/or training as required. Always get information about local regulations and dangers related to surfing.