Bestway Sand Filter Pumps

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  • Warranty: Sand Filter motor - 12 Months
  • Warranty: Sand Filter Casing - 12Months
  • Warranty: Control Valve - 12 Months
  • Warranty: Handle - 12 Months
  • Warranty: Hoses and Accessories - 1 Month
  • Requires: Size 20 silica sand. 0.45 - 0.85mm
Item No. 58271
Pump Flow Rate 2,006 l/h (530g/h)
System flow Rate 2,006 l/h (530g/h)
Certification 220-240v~50Hz, 90W
Weight CE/EMC
Rating 7.4kg (16.3lb)
Item No. 58257
Pump Flow Rate 3,785 l/h (1,000g/h)
System Flow Rate 3,785 l/h (1,000g/h)
Certification 220-240v~50Hz, 90W
Weight 12.2kg (26.8lb)
Rating CE/EMC
Item No. 58199
Pump Flow Rate 5,678 l/h (1,500g/h)
System Flow Rate 5299 l/h (1,400g/h)
Certification 220-240v~50Hz, 90W
Weight 14.3kg (31.5lb)
Rating CE/EMC
Item No. 58286
Pump Flow Rate 4,542 l/h (1,200g/h)
System Flow Rate 4,164 l/h (1,200g/h)
Certification 220-240v~50Hz, 90W
Weight 15.2kg (33.5lb)
Rating CE/EMC
Item No. 58315
Pump Flow Rate 7,571 l/h (2000g/h)
System Flow Rate 6,814 l/h (1800 g/h)
Certification 220-240v~50Hz, 90W
Weight 14.9kg (32.9g/h)
Rating CE/EMC


  • Cost effective swimming pool filter
  • Utilities sand/silica to filter water
  • No need to replace filter cartridges
  • Strainer for separating debris
  • Pristine & clean water!

What's Included

  • Sand Filter pump
  • Hoses
  • Adapters


No Power

Flow Issues

Pressure is Too High

Control Valve Leaking

Connections Leaking

Casing Leaking

Pool Water is Dirty

Sand in Pool

Excessive Filter Pressure

Control Valve is Blocked

Warning Sign is Bleeping

Ozonator Automatically Starting

Frequently Asked Questions

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Should I need any other tools to assemble the Sand Filter?

Can I use the pool while the Sand Filter is operating?

What can I do if there is water leaking from the strainer?

Can I use playground sand or beach sand inside Bestway Flowclear Sand Filters?

Which is the recommended size of sand for Bestway Flowclear Sand Filters?

How often shall I change the sand in my filter?

The reading on Pressure Gauge is higher than the recommended pressure, what can I do?


All of our Sand Filter pumps come with a standard warranty period, so that you have the peace of mind that in the unlikely event you were to experience an issue, we are here to help you.
Warranty Period 12 months from date of purchase

General Maintenance

  • Sand should be changed every 2 weeks
  • Sand Filter Pumps can be run for up to 10 hours per day
  • Sand Filter Pumps should not be on when the pool is in use
  • Sand Filter Pumps should be plugged directly into the mains socket and not an extension lead.